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Adult treatment

Braces often create a vision of kids or teenagers – a high schooler with a mouth full of metal. But this idea just isn’t correct anymore. Why should young adults be the only ones viewed as able to wear braces? More and more adults are choosing to change their smiles and their self-esteem. And, with many advances in the world of orthodontics, adults do not have to walk around with a “metal mouth.” If your bone structure and gums are healthy, tooth alignment can be changed at any age. We offer a wide range of treatment options that can accommodate adults! Your road to a new smile can begin today!

A bad bite and crooked teeth can contribute to many complications. Among these are: gum and bone loss, tooth decay, abnormal wear of tooth enamel and surfaces, headaches and jaw joint pain.

Seeking orthodontic treatment later in life can help to improve both your outward appearance and your self-esteem. But it is not only important to improve your physical appearance. It is also vitally important to improve the health of your teeth and gums.

Now for the great news!! New appliances and techniques have been developed in the field of orthodontics, and these are rapidly advancing. By using the newer technologies available to us, we are able to decrease the number of visits, therefore shortening the overall treatment time. We can greatly increase your level of comfort while you are in treatment. Now, you are also able to choose from several options including metal braces, ceramic (clear) braces, or clear aligners (Invisalign). Although not every adult can benefit from Invisalign treatment, it is an alternative for some adults.

The first time you come to our office, you will receive a complimentary initial examination. At this exam, we will take photographs of your face and teeth from different angles so that Dr. Fore can examine them. She will determine which treatment plan is best for your individual needs. Also, we will outline your course of treatment, estimate time that you would be in treatment and go over the fees and the different payment plans that we offer.

In our practice, we have many adult patients. They all agree that improving their smile was the right thing to do “FORE” them!